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Cartier has maintained a long history of superior jewelry making, dating back to 1847. In 1904, Brazilian pilot Alberto Santos-Dumont told Louis Francois Cartier that his pocket watch was neither reliable nor practical for aviation purposes. In response to his friend's complaint, Cartier designed a wristwatch with a slim case and a square bezel named the "Santos" - the first Cartier men's watch, and an enduring part of their collection.
Top Quality Cartier Watches (563) Items.
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Top Quality Cartier Watches (563) Items
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  • Longines Column Wheel Chronograph Watch's Day At The Races

    It surprised me to learn that Longines has close to 100 years of history with horse racing. In fact, Longines has a lot of history altogether. Like many historic watch brands still alive today, Longines spent much of its life as a watch movement maker run by engineers. This is an interesting point because, according to long-standing Longines CEO Walter von Kanel (who has been at the brand for over 40 years), a major difference between watch brands of today and those of yesterday is who ran the show.He reminds us that watch brands used to revolve around new movements. The engineers would develop a new movement and then design a watch around it...

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