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s the Swiss leader in mid range sporting watches, Certina has always set itself the goal of providing outstanding quality at an affordable price. From its very inception, the brand has shown a keen interest in the world of sport. The introduction in 1959 of the hitherto unprecedented concept of double security is a significant example of this, raising water and shock resistance of its timepieces previously unattained levels and setting new benchmarks in this domain. Certina has maintained a constant commitment to the sporting field, and particularly to motor racing, supporting a number of great sport stars such as Mike Doohan, Alex Criville, Petter Solberg, Sete Gibernau, Thomas Luthi, Timo Glock, Robert Kubica along with others including boxing legend Muhammad Ali. Moreover, Certina is the Official Partner of the Sauber F1 Team since 2005 and official timekeeper of the FIA World Rally Championship since 2013.
Top Quality Certina Watches (125) Items.
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Top Quality Certina Watches (125) Items
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