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Founded in 1860 by Louis-Ulysse Chopard, the Chopard watch company began modestly, as a Swiss manufacturer of precise pocket watches and chronometers. Though the company consistently produced reliable timepieces and achieved enough success to relocate to Geneva in 1937, the world capital of fine watch-making, it was not until Karl Scheufele bought the company in 1963 that it began to gain a reputation in the luxury watch market. Unlike many luxury watch companies, Chopard operates as a manufacture, using predominantly in-house movements. In addition, Chopard is one of the few luxury brands that can attribute a significant amount of success to the development of ladies watches, such as the wildly popular Happy Diamonds line, first launched in 1976. Other Chopard landmarks include teaming up with Mille Miglia to produce high end racing watches, becoming the official sponsor of the Cannes film festival in 1998, and celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2010 This product is not a product authorized by the United States trademark owner for importation and is physically and materially different from the authorized product in that it contains foreign language documentation, has different warranty documentation and lacks the manufacturer's warranty. This watch is manufactured by Chopard for foreign distribution and therefore Jomashop provides its own two year warranty on this product.
Top Quality Chopard Watches (416) Items.
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Top Quality Chopard Watches (416) Items
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