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Omega opened its doors in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland in 1848 as a small pocket watch shop owned by the Brandt family. In a little over half a century, Omega became the largest watch company in Switzerland, manufacturing 240,000 watches annually. Since that time, Omega has made innumerable contributions to watch-making history, including the first watch on the moon, followed by five subsequent lunar landings, the first divers' watch, the world's only certified marine chronometer watch, the inventor of the James Bond watch, and more records for accuracy than any other watch company. Omega has also been the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games since 1932.
Top Quality Omega Watches (471) Items.
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Top Quality Omega Watches (471) Items
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    It is 2014 and guess what, the people making smartwatches are about ready for them to become mainstream. MetaWatch is going down that road with a new line of "real people friendly" smartwatches known simply as the "Meta." The real question is whether mainstream consumers are ready for it too. 2013 was the year the smartwatch made headlines. We saw the ultra indie success of watches like the Pebble, and the big boys make a serious entrance into the smartwatch market with the Samsung Galaxy Gear and the Sony Smartwatch 2. If 2013 was the year the public became aware of the smartwatch, will 2014 be the year the public actually wants to wear them...

  • New Bulgari Flagship Store in Paris

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  • Zenith El Primero Jean-Louis Etienne Watch to Honor Bold Adventurer

    Zenith has created a timepiece to honor Jean-Louis Etienne, the first explorer who performed a solo flight over the desert of ice in the North Pole in a balloon. During his unique flight, Jean-Louis Etienne had to face the most extreme conditions. The Poles have the most extreme temperatures: -45°C in the North and -65°C in the South. The bold explorer and French doctor has recently presented a sneak preview of the Zenith watch held on an “Ice” theme and commemorating his incredible Arctic expedition. The presentation, sponsored by the Wall Street Journal, took place in Los Angeles. For every expedition, Jean-Louis Etienne thoroughly prepare...


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